The Contrasts International Contemporary Music Festival takes place annually since 1995 in Lviv, Ukraine. The Festival is organized by Lviv Philharmonic Society in cooperation with the National Composers Union of Ukraine (Lviv Branch) and Mykola Lysenko National Music Academy. Lviv region and municipal administration, various cultural foundations are supporting The Contrasts Festival as well.

Ukrainian culture has been shaped on the historical, national and religious crossroads, Lviv being a great example of these processes. In the past the city had always been a glorious place for the birth and thriving of new artistic ideas and endeavours. Thus Lviv has been an important center of international culture. To renew this tradition is the goal of the organizers of the Festival.


The concept of the Festival is based on the aspiration for representing the contemporary Ukrainian music in the context of world culture. The program includes compositions by different generations of Ukrainian composers as well as composers from other countries. The music of Eastern Europe is the main focus of the Festival, but certainly not exclusive. A great part of the Festival’s program includes classical composition of 20th century.

The Contrasts Festival has no intention of becoming an anthology of modern styles and trends and representing absolutely everything deserving attention in modern music. Nonetheless, the audience of the Festival enjoys the possibility of listening to many creations typical of our time and the contemporary music in general.

The Contrasts is held in the best music hall of Lviv. The high level of organization is combined with a friendly atmosphere fostering cultural exchange. The strengthening of creative ties between Ukrainian and foreign musicians is one of the key components of the mission of Contrasts.

Most celebrated musicians of the world as well as young promising artists participate in Contrasts. Concert performances of high professional level are supplemented by lectures, master classes and discussions where the public is able to learn more about new music. All the above characterizes the Festival and distinguishes it among other Ukrainian festivals.